Strength Training

AutorÓscar Morán
ISBN978-84-16740-024 (digital version)
CategoríaLibros deportivos
Nº Págs.373
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Strength Training

De Óscar Morán

- This may well be the first book you have ever opened to include online videos. You are not only going to read it, you are going to see it. Curious?

- It’s time to stop stumbling around the thousands of headless-chicken workout proposals online. This work offers you a logical methodology and a clear path to help you learn and understand all the strength training exercises you will ever need.

- Take a close look at the “Theory of strength training” chapter, where you will find a systematic exposition of the theory of strength training and pragmatic, realistic advice on planning, workout frequency, exercise order, routines, breathing and more.

- This work is now in its third edition, featuring new chapters, content and 300 online videos. The first edition has been translated into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and simplified Chinese. You are holding a world best-seller.

- In it’s the first edition, published in Spanish under the title “Enciclopedia de Ejercicios de Musculación”, was the top selling work in its category in Amazon for an astonishing 3 years in a row.

- This book not only describes and explains more than 400 exercises, it now uniquely includes more than 300 online videos, an awesome innovation that allows you both to read and to see exactly how to perform the exercises.

- Read description and explanation of any exercise you choose with a critical eye. Nowhere else will you find a more scientific and instructive approach

- More than 400 exercises, including explanations of technique and detailed illustrations for each

- More than 300 videos showing the movements required for the key exercises

- Explanations to help you organize your weekly workout routine and decide which muscles to train together and in what order

- Advice on proper breathing technique, common mistakes to avoid and tips for beginners and advanced strength training practitioners alike

- Descriptions of the main muscles worked in the exercises and their variants

- Explanations of strength training theory and the best way to plan and organize your training schedule and workouts

- Anatomical descriptions of the main muscle groups

- Glossary of technical terms

- Descriptions of bodily movements and the muscles involved

- Table of training percentages and repetitions

- Tips, advice and recommendations to overcome stagnation

- Description, prevention and treatment of common injuries

- What else do you want?